Acanthomyrmex thailandensis

Acanthomyrmex thailandensis
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Acanthomyrmex thailandensis
Reference : AFOUR-001
Latin name: Acanthomyrmex thailandensis

Taxonomy: Subfamily: Myrmicinae

Breeding level: Intermediate

Geographical distribution: Thailand

Habitat: Rainforests

Colony form: Monogynous

Queen: Size: 7 - 9mm Color: light red to brownish

Workers: Size: 2 - 4mm Color: light red to brownish

Soldier: 6 to 8mm Color: light red to brownish

Male: Size: 3 - 5mm Color: Black

Food: Mainly insectivorous, such as mealworms, flies, mosquitoes, crickets etc...and fig seeds

Humidity: Hunting area: 60 - 70% Nest: 70 - 80%

Temperature: Hunting area: 24 - 30°C Nest: 24 - 28°C

Hibernate: No

Nest type: Plaster nest or terrarium

Description: Very small and special species from Thailand. Acanthomyrmex thailandensis feeds in the wild mainly on fig tree seeds. It forms a few majors per colony with particularly large heads, capable of cracking fig seeds with their powerful mandibles.

Development: With the onset of the rainy season

Foundation: Semi cloistered

Colony size: rarely exceeds 200 workers

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