Nest plexiglass 20X40X1

Nest plexiglass 20X40X1
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Nest plexiglass 20X40X1
Reference : NID-PE-070
Magnificent ant-hill in Plexiglas of 40x20x1cm.

Completed for colonies(summer camps) of small species as lasius Niger, to crematogaster scuttelarie, pheidole pallidula, tétramorium etc....

Nest of very good quality, with sublime one transparency.

Nests are cut in the laser, with a machine in the digital controls.
With this process nests have an irreproachable finish, without smudge.

These nests are provided with a foam(moss) what allows you to maintain your wet nest approximately one-two weeks.

To moisten the nest, it is necessary to use the syringe and to wet the foam(moss) oasis which is going to absorb the water, the water is going to spread without flooding rooms and is going to make viable the nest for ants. The foam(moss) oasis must always be wet.

This system returns the practical and viable nest for your colony(summer camp).

To clean it you just have to undo the nest (lived steel stainless) and to rinse it in the water.

Characteristics of the nest:

Length: 20cm
Width: 40cm
Thickness: 1cm
Number of holes of connection: 2 (diameter 8mm)
Number of rooms: 26
System of moistening: oasis foams
Area of hunting included: yes
Autonomy of humidity of the nest: one-two weeks according to ambient temperature.
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